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Comfort Card – cash free/hassell free

CDC-Cinemas is proud to offer its customers the Comfort Card (CC) equipped with various privileges and discounts. Our Comfort Card enrolls all card holders automatically into our loyalty rewards program created to reward our customers for enjoying the majestic world of movies at CDC-Cinemas. 

The Comfort Card is free to join and is your access to all the services and benefits of CDC-Cinemas. The CC removes the hassel of cash handeling and wasting any time at the concession stand while your favorite movie is being played on the screen. Our comfort card features ‘tippy tap’ facility.

Tippy tap option allows you to simply tap your card at all our purchase points to purchase anything from movie tickets, popcorn, food, beverages, merchandise and anything offered by CDC-Cinemas. You simply pre-load your comfort card with desired amount of credit at our conveniently located upload centers and you are good to go. Once your card is credited, you can maneuver around and enjoy all the delicacies and luxuries without the hassle of cash. It further protects you from theft as each card is printed with the card holder photo for verification, so you never have to worry about losing it and giving someone else the access. So basically, you could come to watch movie at CDC-Cinemas without even carrying your wallet or purse and enjoy the movie in complete relaxation. To further add to your benefits, the Comfort Card offers progressive benefits to all our members. The three different tiers of membership benefits is offered at CDC-Cinemas.

5 Welcome Reward Points and Free Popcorn during your first visit to CDC-Cinemas for for first 500 Sign Ups. 

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Membership Tiers

Tier 1: Light

  • Frequent rewards for loyal movie goers.
  • Get 1 complimentary ticket after 10 visits to our Cine theater. 
  • 5% discount on food and Beverage.
  • Weekly e-mail and sms with show times and announcements for the upcoming week.
  • After accumulating 75 CDC points you will automatically be upgraded to camera.

Tier 2: Camera

  • New upgraded card along with the welcome gift will be given to all new camera members.
  • 1.5x the points now.
  • Invitation to members-only events.
  • 10% discounts on food and non-alcoholic beverage in CineDine.
  • Get 2 complimentary tickets and a popcorn combo after 15 visits to be applicable for both screens, Cine and CineDine.
  • Frequent rewards for loyal movie goers.
  • Weekly e-mail and sms with show times and announcements for the upcoming week.
  • Upgrade to action comfort with the accumulation of 200 points. Action comfort members earn points faster.

Tier 3: Action

  • New upgraded card along with the welcome gift will be given to all new action members.
  • 2x the points.
  • Guaranteed seats in CineDine screen for all Friday/Saturday bookings.
  • Frequent rewards for loyal movie goers.
  • Weekly e-mail and sms with show times and announcements for the upcoming week.
  • Invitations to members-only events.
  • 15% discounts food and non alcoholic beverage in CineDine.
  • Get 1 complimentary regular popcorn on every visit to CineDine.
  • This one is on us: in order to show our appreciation for your loyalty, let us host you and your someone special to a full night of luxury and delights to our most exclusive CineDine. Let our personal chauffeur pick you up from your house, two premier tickets booked for the best seats in CineDine, to a full course menu and beverage (non alcoholic), and wide selection of desserts for you to pick from. Let us help you in delivering your date a perfect dinner date. (for every 500 points you earn as action club member )
  • Special take care by cine de chef on your birth day or anniversary.

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How do I receive Comfort Card?

  • To receive your comfort card, simply sign up through our website and fill out the application. (Its the shortest application you will ever fill)
  • 5 welcome reward points will be awarded along with a free small pop corn to first 500 people who sign up for our Comfort Card.
  • A welcome email will be sent to you to confirm your enrollment with Cine De Chef.
  • All the information provided by members is done on a non-disclosure basis and Cine De Chef Company will not share your information with anyone.
  • Your Comfort Card is used at Cine De Chef only.
  • The minimum balance of Rs. 50 has to be maintained on the card.

How do I collect CDC points?

  • Collecting CDC points is even easier than filling out our application. Your points are calculated automatically as you use your Comfort Card at Cine De Chef.
  • When booking tickets over the phone or online, we will ask you for your Comfort Card number. Simply provide that number and you get the points. You purchase popcorn, you get points. Purchased Chicken Tikka? More points for you. Each and every transaction you make in Cine De Chef gives you points.  
  • Points will only be awarded for the purchase of tickets included in same transaction. 
  • Points cannot be added once your transaction has been complete. You must present your card at the beginning of your transaction.
  • Points will not be awarded if tickets are received by means of a complementary pass or any other free ticket promotion. Points will be awarded if you purchase food products during this transaction.
  • All qualified free tickets awarded by the Comfort Card are valid for any day and any time as chosen by you. 
  • Tickets awarded through the Comfort Card scheme cannot be transferred.
  • By registering for Comfort Card you are agreeing to comply with the terms & conditions of the Cine De Chef cinemas. Please review the terms and conditions on our website. 

Terms & Conditions

  • Cine De Chef reserve the right to
    • (a) Terminate any scheme it may offer without prior notice.
    • (b) Withdraw or cancel your Comfort Card
    • (c) Alter or change the terms and conditions of your membership and comfort card to better provide you services.
  • Card is mandatory for all visitors to Cine De Chef. Either you or someone in your group needs to be a card holder to access Cine De Chef. 
  • This card is non-transferable and is for use only by the person the card is issued to.
  • No cash alternatives are permitted.
  • Your Comfort Card cannot be used as a guarantee and does not guarantee seats to a movie. 
  • This is not a credit card.
  • Cine De Chef cinemas Comfort Card cannot be sold or traded in any way.
  • Members can be removed from the Comfort Card scheme at the discretion of Cine De Chef cinemas without any prior notice.
  • Points accumulated on Cine De Chef cannot be exchanged for cash. Points can only be claimed to retrive services and offers as offered by Cine De Chef. 
  • Guaranteed seats for action members in our CineDine must be picked up 30 minutes before the show for unpaid tickets. All paid tickets via Comfort Card are confirmed.
  • Points scheme
    1-75 points
    = Rs. 500/point
    75-200 points
    = Rs. 375/point
    200+ points
    = Rs. 250/point
  • No points are awarded for topping up the comfort card at upload centers.
  • Minimum balance of Rs. 100 needs to be maintained at all times on the card.
  • In order to issue a permanent membership card, Rs. 100 will be charged to cardholder.
  • Lost cards:
    • Points from the previous cards will be transferred to the new card.
    • Identity verification will have to be done by cine de chef before the issuance of new card.
    • Card replacement charge of Rs. 100 will be charged to card holder.

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