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About CDC-Cinemas

CDC-Cinemas Welcomes you to its about us section. We thank you for visiting our website and showing interest in our information.

CDC-Cinemas is our vision of experiencing movies in the best possible way. At CDC-Cinemas we believe that just playing the movie on the screen for our members is not enough, instead, we set out with the goal of giving the customers the experience of watching the movie with us. When you walk out of Cine de Chef, it is not the movie that we want you to remember, its the time and memories that you created with us that’s what needs to stay with you.

To achieve this goal, we have considered the most obvious features of a movie theater such as acoustics, seats, sounds, screen to the minutest details such as temperature of glass in which we serve you drinks to the faucets you use to wash your hands. That’s the level of detail and customization we wanted to offer to our customers. To achieve this, we have gone far and beyond to design and equip Cine de Chef with the best of each available options from across the globe. Below is the very brief summary of some of our features, all of which are being introduced for the very first time in Nepal in the multiplex industry:

Cine Dine

Our First, First in Nepal. As our very name suggests, Cine de Chef, we are a combination of Cinema with Dining. When you watch movies with us, you are just not in a movie theater, but you in a cinematic paradise, where you can enjoy all the facilities of 5-star restaurant serving, finger foods, Thai, French, Indian and Chef’s Special to add unparallel experience to movie watching.

Leather Recliners Chairs

Our Second First in Nepal. Our seats extend way beyond the ordinary and boring movie theater chairs. We feature original leather, 150-degree recliners, with touch sensors, back massager (Yes! massager inbuilt directly into the chair), cooler, storage space, chauffer call button and lamps.

Meyer EXP SoundSystem

Our Third, First in Nepal. You have not heard sound unless you have heard the sound coming from the speakers of Meyer. Meyer Sound's EXP defines rigorous performance levels for cinema sound from the dub stage to exhibition. Built for sonic linearity, EXP systems empower sound designers and mixers to create soundtracks with greater nuance and precision, and give cinema operators the ability to faithfully reproduce these soundtracks without distortion to every seat in the house. Meyer is the official sound sponsor of Metallica and sound sponsors of Beijing Olympics

Christie Digital 2K and 4K Projectors

Our Forth, First in Nepal. Bringing also for the first time in Nepal, the Christie Digital Projectors with the brightest, highest performance projectors for the most precise and clear image to be showcased on silver screens.

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